Chill Out Centers

The Logo of Service Rendered's Chill Out Center, a youth center located in South Burlington and Rutland Vermont

We currently operate two youth centers, in South Burlington, and Rutland, Vermont. Our youth centers are open to 14 to 21 year olds, who have the opportunity to be involved in leading the programs. Our knowledgeable and compassionate staff are on hand at all times, to make the youth centers encouraging, supportive, and safe places for individuals to come hang out. We offer a variety of entertainment including TVs, pool tables, and ping pong tables, a fun place to complete homework, as well as information on internship and volunteer opportunities. We also offer education around the dangers of drugs and alcohol and issues pertaining to HIV/AIDS/ and STD’s.

United College Club

UCC Logo

Individuals 18-25 working together on their goals and aspirations, as well as community service, internship, job shadowing opportunities, education and fun events bringing together colleges in Vermont.



Get Fit Vermont

An exciting fitness program offering a variety of activities to stay fit: walking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, dancing, and traditional exercises.

Bits n PiecesLogo

Bits n Pieces empowers and inspires individuals by giving them the ability to create with technology, and informing them about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The program is centered around “hacking” and “making”, with opportunities including programming, electronics, and robotics. Services include instruction, internship opportunities and career information, materials and workspaces, and entrepreneurship assistance.


The word Cognize means to become aware of in one’s mind. Cognize is true to the definition, helping individuals identify when they are in high risk thinking patterns or situations, before they enter into them. Cognize also helps individuals find mindful ways to keep situations simple, so they may achieve their goals and be able to take in the true worth of everything they encounter.

Bad For You (BFY)

Providing education on  alcohol abuse, drug  abuse, tobacco abuse, and healthy alternatives to risky behavior.

Life Support Vermont

Providing HIV/AIDS/STD information and testing, in addition to resume writing and job readiness information.

Starving Minds Book Club

A thought-provoking book club encouraging individuals to read and report out on any subject, developing their individuality and creativity.

Arts So WonderfulArts So Wonderful Logo

Helping individuals express themselves through visual and performing arts, including mural creation, dance, arts classes, and dance classes.





Loco Entertainment

The Logo of Loco EntertainmentHelping performing artists rise to the top! We help artists perform at places they normally wouldn’t or couldn’t. Loco Entertainment produces, promotes, and manages live events in the U.S., and helps artists record. Our goal is to create engagements that are succesful for all our performing artists. Loco Entertainment rents out spaces to create the perfect venue.

Teen Expressions Dance Company

 Vermont Local Arts and Music (VLAM)VLAM logo

VLAM provides youth with opportunities to showcase their talents in venues around Vermont, and helps them learn the ins and outs of music theory and recording.





Straight Talk Vermont

Straight Talk Vermont LogoStraight Talk Vermont is a discussion group that helps incarcerated individuals with their goals, aspirations and learning new interventions, while providing community referrals and networking to ensure a positive community re-entry.

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