Without the help of our community, Service Rendered would be unable to provide its essential programs, centers, and events for the youth of Vermont. We need your help, and we need your financial support to help keep the community safe and happy. You have two options to contribute financially: a one-time gift or a monthly pledge, both of which are eligible for a tax deduction.

If you have any questions on how to contribute, please call us at 802-923-6828

Contribute Online

Contributing is painless. You can contribute directly from our website using the button below. Your contribution will be processed by Paypal, ensuring your information is secure.

 Contribute by Check

You can also contribute with a check, using our simple forms. If you would like to make a single contribution, complete the One-Time Gift form. If you would like to make a recurring pledge, complete the Monthly Pledge form.

Contribute with Cash

If you would rather contribute with cash, we recommend that you call us at 802-923-6828 to arrange your contribution, because we cannot guarantee that we will receive cash sent through the mail.


Pledge Drive for Chill Out Center Burlington

For years Service Rendered has operated a Chill Out Center in Burlington, but recently we have had to suspend operation and look for a new location. We need your help to get the Center up and running again. Make a pledge today.

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