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We produce two television programs. Service Rendered TV offers interesting updates on what’s going on in the community, with a focus on the Burlington Area. Topics include the Vermont art and music scene. the ways in which youth are getting involved, and interviews with community figures.  It airs on Channel 17, with the help of our partners at the CCTV Center for Media and Democracy. Our other program is Chill Out Center TV, produced at our Chill Out Center in Rutland. It airs on Rutland’s PEGTV.

This page features only a selection of our programs. To view all Service Rendered TV programs, visit our archives at the CCTV Center’s website.

Meet the Directors

Executive Director Bruce Wilson, Assistant Director Ashley Goff, and Development/Technology Director Michael Gaffney discuss Service Rendered history and upcoming events.

Chill Out Center Show May 2014

Featuring Hannah Dicton. Tabitha Pohl-Moore and Bruce Wilson.

Chill Out Center Show May 23, 2014

Andrian & Julian Woodrow, “Blackberry Jam,” perform two songs and then sit down for an interview with Hannah Dicton.

Teen Speakout

Youth from the Burlington area speak out on the steps of City Hall about issues important to them in their lives and community. Organized by the Chill Out Center.

Arts So Wonderful

Host Bruce Wilson, speaks with Brian Clark, a local artist, on the ‘Art So Wonderful’ program.

Vermont Local Arts and Music

This episode was hosted by Emily Nelson-Foster, our Event Coordinator and a member of our Youth Board. Co-hosting was music performer and fellow Youth Board member, Sophia Nelson-Foster. The two share insights into summer events and the local arts and music scene.

Grand Opening of the Burlington Chill Out Center

Coverage of the Grand Opening of the Burlington Chill Out Center, back in August of 2012. Unfortunately, that Chill Out Center is no longer open, but with your help we will rise from the ashes and create a new Chill Out Center in Burlington, bigger and better than ever before.

Blackberry Jam

Service Rendered Youth Board member Nora Sehgtlebar talks with Blackberry Jam members Adrian and Julian Chirtea.

Service Rendered: Chill Out Center Show with ‘FYG’

Service Rendered Youth Board member Nora Senftleber talks with members of ‘FYG’, Cal Rawlings, Lucian Norrell, and Sam Paulino.

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